Oscar roundup: November 20

Two female-driven films — one aimed at art houses, the other at the heartland — hit theaters this week, and both have some awards hopes to speak of. Here are the categories where Broken Embraces and The Blind Side could be a contender.



Best Actress, Penélope Cruz
The reigning Best Supporting Actress winner’s role in this Almodóvar film is not as dominating as was her part in Volver, which earned her a nod in this category three years ago. But she still brings her seductive mix of glamour and bite.

Best Original Screenplay, Pedro Almodóvar
As I’ve mentioned before, this year’s original-screenplay pickings are quite slim. And he’s won this category before.

Long shots

Best Picture
It’s got perhaps the best shot of any foreign film this year (along with The White Ribbon, perhaps). But is the Academy likelier to nominate an animated film or a documentary in its biggest race?

Best Director, Pedro Almodóvar
The film may not be as inventive as Talk to Her, for which he scored a nod in this race. But his singular touch should still earn some votes.


Long shot

Best Actress, Sandra Bullock
It’s been a good year for one of this country’s top sweethearts (with the exception of All About Steve, of course). Comparisons to Erin Brockovich may help Bullock’s case, but she still seems like a better bet for a nomination at the Golden Globes.

Image credit: Emilio Pereda/Paola Ardizzoni

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  • Michael

    THANK YOU for ignoring the Nicolas Cage/Best Actor buzz.

  • Dave

    Is he still around? Blech!

  • paige

    ugh if I hear Sandra Bullock and/or Mariah Carey being nominated for Oscars, Ill not watch this year… I’m putting my foot down!

    • Bullockfan

      Did u even watch the blind side? It was an amazing movie and Sandra bullock played an outstanding role. So take your foot and shove it where the sun don’t shine! She deserve an Oscar nod for this role!

      • Bradley Badder

        I haven’t seen the movie, only becasue I live in england, yet and Agree!!! the trailer and the Sneek Peeks are amazing after I’ve seen Sandra Bullock’s turn in them she definetley needs the nod because when is she gonna get the chance again!
        P.S, I also agree with the ‘Stick your foot where the sun don’t shine’ comment as well :p

      • gigi

        I’m usually suspect of Sandra Bullock’s movie roles, but I checked out “The Blind Side” and the film and her acting were great! Oscar worthy? A definite long shot, but it’s good to know she and the movie are getting a lot of buzz.

  • Black Button

    Once again you forget the big new releases. Twilight: New Moon has got to have some original song, or tech. category potential.

    • chris

      Umm, no. It doesn’t.

      • Dani

        LOL! Agreed.

    • adam

      Black Button, if you want to discuss that pile of garbage known as Twilight, then please escort yourself to one of the 873 articles dedicated to it elsewhere on EW.com. Over here, we like to discuss *real* movies.

      • fancypants

        thank you! oh, lord, that’s one of the best comments i’ve ever read. lol

    • ACS

      Black Button, I know that this is America and that everyone has the freedom of speech, but based on that comment you should be the exception to that rule.

  • Adwina Lambert

    This hasbeen S.B. should just go away!! Playing America’s sweetheart past 40!?!?! Boo! Tee-hee!

    • TellyB

      Sexist crap. If Harrison Ford, Arnold and Stallone can be action heroes well into their fifties, I don’t see anything wrong in a woman being “America’s Sweetheart” in herforties.

      • Bradley Badder

        Yes, she is America’s Sweetheart – Officialy!!

      • fancypants

        i thought America’s sweetheart was Julia Roberts? or Reese Witherspoon? never heard Bullock referred to as such.

    • KK

      Did you see this movie? If not, maybe you should go and take a look. Not only does she do a great job but it is a true story about what all Americans should strive to resemble.

  • Tarc

    Bullock is great, and usually delivers. She’s aware that people that do what she does do not get nominated for awards, and finds any Oscar buzz flattering but silly. Me, I’m not so sure that it’s silly. After all, Halle Berry has an Oscar, so pretty much anyone (theoretically) could get one under the right conditions (because a truly excellent acting performance is no longer required).

  • JP

    The biggest thing going against Sandra Bullock is…. its Sandra Bullock

  • LC

    Too bad Viola Davis didn’t have any good material this year. Although she did a pretty good job in Law Abiding Citizen and the very small role she had in State of Play.

    • fancypants

      i love her. she should’ve won the oscar over penelope cruz this year for ‘doubt’.

  • Ryan

    Sandra Bullock is a hard working actress – she was great in Crash (supporting of course). For some reason, people have a lot of hate on for her? Considering she’s kept her life out of the tabloids unlike her counter parts (Julia, Cameron, Reese) and a several successful rom coms, I don’t really understand why people dislike her? Seems to be a lot classier and more professional than many of the upcoming young starlets.

  • dee cee

    Sandra ‘repeated too often’ let the white people help the black or minority kid part should go to a successful black family and loving mother .. after all blacks aren’t all tragic-past, uneducated rejects given a hand up by wiser rich people NOT from the ghetto anymore. Let’s mature the story lines and show the world how it really is..

    • Bullockfan

      Do u realize that was a true story?? Maybe u should try getting your facts straight before you start commenting on these things!

      • gigi

        Thank you Bullockfan! The story was heartfelt and not your typical “Webster/Diffr’nt Stokes” film. Not typical, because it was based on a true story. Check the movie out before you judge!!

    • KK

      Dee cee: Do you normally make these comments without knowing at all what you are talking about? The difference between this movie and most of the others is that it is based on a true story and it was a white woman who changed this young man’s life in a remarkable way! Most likely she SAVED his life!

  • Roma Palooza

    BROKEN EMBRACES can´t be nominated for best foreign film this year, because Spain did not even pre-selected it.

  • Victory

    Sandra Bullock ABSOLUTELY deserves an Oscar for “The Blind Side”. She was just amazing! It is very easy to over-act in a dramatic movie like that but she plays Leigh Ann just spot on. Sandra is not oscar hungry, and I like that. She just enjoys what she does and cares about her fans. She has such a kind heart and is so down to earth. Sure she’ll be up against, the Oscar winning actresses for “Nine” and the crazy overrated “Twilight”, but she just absolutely deserves the oscar. She is amazing :)

    Love you Sandy <3

    • John

      Totally agree! Her performance was stellar. Not a huge Sandra Bullock fan, but she blew this away! Definitely a nominee, hopefully an Oscar winner!

      • fancypants

        she’s definitely not more deserving than Gabourey Sidibe in Precious. or Meryl Streep in Julia & Julie or Helen Mirren in The Last Station. be real now.

  • Aprilcot26

    Why are some people thinking that ‘Twilight’ should even be uttered in the same breath as Oscar? *shudder* It’s probably some of the EW writers posing to spew more of their ‘Twilight’ drivel all over this website.

    • Bradley Badder

      I Completely agree!! What the hell is Twilight gonna get nominated for? Definetley NOT! a Oscar, a razzie maybe, but defo no Oscar!
      I hope Sandra Bullock gets the nod so much, she amazingly funny and witty and down to earth! Laave here she’s Classic and deserves compared to the Likes of Julia Roberts!! Who’s dying in the media
      BULLOCK 4 OSCAR!!!

  • Shane

    Sanda Bullock will and SHOULD be nominated for both GG and an OSCAR. The movie was OUTSTANDING. I couldn’t have seen anyone play the role as well as she did. Bravo Sandra!!

  • Adam

    Just putting this out there: Does anyone else think that Max Record should at least be in the horse race for best actor for Where The Wild Things Are?

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