BAFTA winners announced

Here are the winners for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards, which were handed out tonight in London. The Hurt Locker picked up the most trophies with six (including Best Film, Director, and Original Screenplay), while Avatar took home two (which, by the way, is two more than James Cameron’s Titanic won in 1998). The Young Victoria and Up also won a pair of BAFTAs. Making the most of their home field advantage, A Single Man‘s Colin Firth and An Education‘s Carey Mulligan won the lead-acting prizes over their American competition, Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep (Sandra Bullock wasn’t eligible since The Blind Side didn’t open in the UK in time). Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@davekarger) for Oscar news in the final weeks of the awards season.

Film The Hurt Locker
Director Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker
Actor Colin Firth, A Single Man
Actress Carey Mulligan, An Education
Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
Supporting Actress Mo’Nique, Precious
Original Screenplay Mark Boal, The Hurt Locker
Adapted Screenplay Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner, Up in the Air
British Film Fish Tank
Animated Film Up
Film Not in the English Language A Prophet
Editing The Hurt Locker
Cinematography The Hurt Locker
Production Design Avatar
Hair & Makeup The Young Victoria
Costume Design The Young Victoria
Visual Effects Avatar
Sound The Hurt Locker
Music Up
British Debut Duncan Jones, Moon
Orange Rising Star Kristen Stewart 
Short Animation Mother of Many
Short Film I Do Air 

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  • Randi

    SO SO happy that Colin Firth and Carey Mulligan won here, since they won’t win the Oscars.

    • Laurie Mann

      I probably like most of the BAFTA winners than I’ll like the Oscar winners in two weeks. Particularly glad to see Moon win an award – it was the best movie from last year that you didn’t see.

    • Jenny

      Me too! Especially Firth. I saw Crazy Heart today and I really think Firth is more deserving of the best actor oscar. What Firth did with that character was amazing and it was a performance that I couldn’t stop thinking about for a long time after I saw the film. I can’t say the same thing about Bridges. He was good for sure, but it wasn’t as powerful or memorable as Firth by a long shot.

    • clabyfret

      just glad Mulligan and Firth are getting credit for their beautiful work. They certainly seem to be the underdogs of the Oscars acting races but their BAFTA wins could be a good sign, right? 0r am I wrong to get my hopes up?

    • BKizzle

      Carey Mulligan is the dark horse. She actually stands a good chance to upset Streep and Bullock. Potentially this year’s Adrien Brody

    • Ian

      I still can’t believe that The Hurt Locker was the best picture of the year. I saw it. It was well made. But I wouldn’t call it the best picture of the year. I found the Jeremy Renner character to be static. The story lacked substance. The whole thing seemed more like a documentary. It goes to show that it was a weak year at the cinema.

      • The Truth

        The only thing they got right was EOD disarms explosives in Iraq. They did not even get the uniforms right. The digital uniform was in a limited trial program the year the movie set in, it did not become the standard uniform until the next year. Don’t even get me started on the rest. If they were in my unit these soldiers would have been courts-martialed.

      • Rory

        Ian, I totally agree. I firmly believe “In The Valley of Elah” is a better Iraqi War based drama. I wasn’t blown away (pun intended) by the “Hurt Locker.”

    • Ian

      One more thing–I still think TV is making much better stuff than the movies. I’ll take Lost, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Big Love, and Friday Night Lights over The Hurt Locker. At least those TV series actually contain stories.

    • Raymund

      Carey Mulligan deserves to win an Oscar. But she won’t win coz she’s too young and the Academy would rather give it to a seasoned actress who can give them more ratings. It’s a sad fact. Oscars is supposed to be the most prestigious award-giving body. But oftentimes, it is just a popularity contest.

      • Raymond = idiot

        Do you actually think the choice between Sandy, Meryl or Carey, will somehow affect the ratings? Are you that daft? Pretentious yes, but, really? Now maybe I just don’t understand how ratings work because you have some insider knowledge from Neilson I’m unaware of but I’m pretty confident a live event’s ratings can’t be affected by announcements made during the telecast. Bullock FTW and go jerk off to the Hurt Locker.

    • James

      Great to see Colin Firth finally getting some love. I still want him to get the Oscar–possible, but not probable.

  • Lauren

    Can’t wait to watch them tonight on BBC America! I always loved the BAFTAS.
    Kristen Stewart winning the Rising Star: WHY?! I bet any of the other nominees (Carey Mulligan, Jesse Eisenberg, to name a few) would have been ten times better.

    • Mary

      I agree. Kristen Stewart as the rising star winner? The Brits missed the mark here. Sure, she’s popular but she cannot act. Sorry.

      • Emma

        OMG, she won over those two? That’s disturbing. And they call US stupid.

      • Celia

        I voted for Carey Mulligan.

      • Jess

        It was an award voted for by the public and so of course she was going to win as all the Twilight fans voted for her multiple times, as it was possible to. Personally, I voted for Nicolas Hoult because he was brilliant in About A Boy and A Single Man

      • jordan

        Not that I’m backing kristen stewart but she was actually outstanding in speak and more than above par in adventureland

    • anna

      The rising star awards is voted one by fans. The twihards would have voted in droves.

      • anna

        ON by fans, I mean

      • Ashley

        Yep. The twihards voted for Kristen and that is disturbing. She is just popular because of the Twilight movies, not her acting, but the teenagers do not know what acting is anyways. She should not have even been nominated, but I guess her name in the mix of other actors would bring attention to the award show. Everything is about money, after all. I was hoping for Tahar to win since he did a great job in the Prophet. Carry is already getting a lot of press (which she deserves for her work).

      • Marie

        thanks, that explains it all. i almost thought it was based on acting talent, and that would have scared me, the BAFTA’S credibility would have been gone if she won based on acting talent

    • laney

      Stewart can’t act. Period. Overrated.

    • Jen

      While the Orange Rising Star award is voted on by the British public, it is also nominated by the British Academy, who clearly thought Kristen was worthy to be included in the running. People hating on Kristen simply because they hate the Twilight phenomenon is absurd. Sure Twilight has garnered her a massive amount of attention and a huge following, but she has also established herself in several quality films, not to mention has received accolades for her performances in her two upcoming films, “Welcome to the Rileys” and “The Runaways” As the youngest person to have ever received this award, let the girl have her moment. She deserves it.

      • James

        Please don’t stupidly assume that every person who dislikes Stewart’s acting does so because of Twilight. That’s a cop-out and it’s simply not true.
        I assure you that I’ve seen most of Stewart’s films and I still don’t get the big deal. Lip-chewing and hair-tugging and playing the same moody, bitchy teenager archetype is not high-class acting, I’m sorry. And she does it in virtually everything she’s in.
        And something tells me the BAFTA peeps threw her in the mix for the same reason the MPAA expanded the BP field to 10 films: ratings, namely drawing in Twihards.
        But oh, I’m SURE that EVERYONE who voted for her did so because of her extremely impressive lip-chewing resume of non-Twilight films. Psh. I call shenanigans.

      • laney

        regardless, she plays the same in every role and it’s not that good.

      • angel5

        amen sister you hit the nail on the head she is very deseving of the award.twilight was popular in 2008 but she was not nominated bcos she didn,t have a lot of films to her credit yet .but in 2009 and 2010 she is doing incredible well, people will always say what they want because of their hate for twilight. if they did not know kristen from twilight.everyone would have said she deserves it.haters will always hate no matter what.but their hate will go nowhere bcos kristen and every thing twilight rules

    • George

      Should have gone to Nicholas Hoult or Carey Mulligan, because those individuals can actually act. Kristen is an awful actress and should have won a Razzie nomination for her work in New Moon.

    • Jennifer

      The Rising Star award doesn’t mean much. I mean, come on, Eva Green won it one year, and where is her career now? Carey Mulligan will go on to bigger and better things than Kristen Stewart can even dream of.

    • LAJackie

      I love the BAFTA’s but I wish they would go back to Stephen Fry as the host. I just can’t stomach Jonathan Ross. Smarmy git.
      As far as Kristen Stewart is concerned, let’s face it, anything voted on by the public that has a Twilight nominee, they are inevitably going to win. Don’t blame the British. Blame the British teenager!

    • cf

      There was an interview with Kristen and she was upset because she won, she knew exactly why she won and felt that she didn’t deserve it. It seemed that she was having a mini meltdown actually.

  • Mitchell

    Yay! More of a chance or a Carey Mulligan upset! Forget Meryl and Sandra.

    • Kevin Malone

      BAFTAs have zero effect on the Oscars, dumdum.

      • Chris

        Actually, in the acting races they are quite good. Ever since 2006 they have only not paired up with the Oscars once (last year with Mickey Rourke, who won the BAFTA but not the Oscar). They even predicted the Tilda Swinton and Marion Cotillard upsets and were the first to nominate Kate Winslet in lead for Reader. While I think Colin Firth is too far behind to pull off an upset, Carey Mulligan could be gaining steam. There is some backlash against Blind Side (btw, loved Stephen King’s article in the last EW about the inaccuracy of that movie, if only voters all read it before marking their ballots), and Meryl may be her main competition.
        Personally, I don’t care if it is either Meryl or Carey. Just not Sandra.

      • Anna

        Actually because they share much of the same membership, the same people often vote for both the BAFTAs and the Oscars. The key difference is often the year in which a film is eligible, like with The Blind Side this year.

        But yes, we do have a tendency to vote for our own as well. :)

      • Sarah El

        @Chris – I don’t have great statistics to compare, but considering this is one of Mulligan’s few successful wins this season, I’m not sure how much it really does help her chances. I’d chalk it mostly up to home advantage (and, of course, a deserving performance). Streep and Bullock are both more well-known and popular state-side, and although I wish this worked in Streep’s favor, it’s probably just going to help “America’s darling” Bullock.

      • Andrew

        @Chris Actually Mark Harris wrote the article about the blind side in this weeks EW, just thought I would tell you.

      • David D

        Brings to mind Bill Murray’s 1977 Oscar predictions for Best Actor: “Marcello Mastrorianni? Sorry. We don’t like foreigners.”

      • DUDE

        @ Chris — any inaccuracies in The Blind Side are done clearly for effect, as with EVERY adaptation of a ‘true story’ — just because a movie is “based on actual events” doesn’t mean they are trying to replicate the exact happenings. They Hollywood-ized the film, sure, but that’s not a reason not to win awards. If it bothers you, fine, that’s understandable. But then you should also take issue with 90% of films made in our lifetime that claim to be a “true story.”

      • michael

        I do adore Sandra Bullock and thought that she was incredible in Crash. She was absolutely effective in the Blind Side. Great job of acting. But along side Gabby, Meryl and Mulligan, I don’t see an Oscar in her future. Even though she’s winning everything at the moment, I would be shocked if she won the Oscar. I have a strong feeling that Mulligan is going to pull out the upset but wouldn’t be upset if Gabby won.

      • Celia

        That’s a flat out lie. They have a lot of effect. Many of the Bafta voters are also members of the Academy for the Oscars, so I think there’s a great chance Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth can upset Sandra/Meryl and Jeff Bridges. I also think The Hurt Locker might take home the two top prizes: Best Director and Best Picture.

    • Shannon

      Actually Sandra (nor was “The Blindside”) was not even nominated for a BAFTA and if you think about it, it makes sense, because “The Blindside” was and is a throughly American film. Of course it wouldn’t get a BAFTA nomination, so jmo, but I wouldn’t put too much weight on these, especially since Sandra did win the Golden Globe and the SAG.

      • David

        It’s actually because The Blind Side isn’t released in the UK until March 12.

      • Shannon

        Yeah, but still … she probably wouldn’t have been nominated anyways since it is about American Football. Movies like that just don’t play well “across the pond”.

      • Katie

        You have no way of knowing whether she’d have been nominated, Shannon. Like David said, she wasn’t qualified because of The Blind Side’s release date, that’s all. And plenty of “thoroughly American” films have done well at the BAFTAs, so I’m not sure what you’re going for there.
        I take it you must either be British or have spent a considerable amount of time in the UK to say what the British prefer with such certainty. You do realize that the NFL has been playing games at Wembley Stadium for the past couple of years, and all of these games have sold out, right? Wembley’s huge, I’ve been to concerts and matches there on occasion. For it not being a popular sport over there, someone’s paying good money to see it.

      • James

        It’s pretty obvious that you didn’t know that The Blind Side wasn’t eligible, and just assumed that it wasn’t nominated for whatever reason. But way to move the yardstick once someone corrected you.
        “See, The Blind Side wasn’t even nominated…wait, you say it wasn’t eligible? Well, it wouldn’t have been nominated anyway!”
        So I take it you play the lottery then, huh?

    • wsoo

      I agree with you. I would love to see Carey Mulligan win the Oscar for Best Actress. Her performance was better than Bullock and Streep.

    • ibivi

      Carey Mulligan is a great new up and coming actress. If she doesn’t win an Oscar this year she will soon enough.
      Why bother calling them BAFTA? More like British subsidiary of Oscars. Anyway, I like most of the results. At least Ms Bigelow got to have her moment.

      • LAJackie

        They’re called BAFTA because it is the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Not everything has to be Americanised. Are you suggesting the Cesar’s should also be regarded as the French subsidiary of the Oscars?

  • George

    Glad to see “Fish Tank” win for British Film award. Great film.

  • Clarissa

    Glad Carey won. This makes up for the idiot win of KStew (not a fan obviously). Carey did so well in An Education and deserved the Rising Star Award (because rising stars are great actresses. Proof? See her win for best actress).

    • Caroline

      Glad Carey won, but also happy for Kristen Stewart. The Academy obviously thought she was deserving enough to nominate her in the first place. She has a long resume for a 19 year old and a lot of respect in the industry, so it’s in poor taste to call it an idiot win.

      • LAJackie

        Respect from whom?

      • laney

        she’s only in the biz and gets roles because mommy and daddy are producers and writers.

    • Celia

      The only reason Kristen Stewart won is because that award is voted on by the public. That’s what happens when they no-life twi-tards are allowed to vote for something. All the other actors in that category are brilliant and more deserving than Kristen Stewart. Who can’t act.

      • @celia

        You know I noticed that people seem to criticize people they don’t know to make themselves feel better. Everyone that’s upset because Kristen Stewart won the bafta award for rising star needs to get over it. She’s making movies and doing what she loves to do and most of you people who judge her and put her down just need to stop. I can only guess what your life must be like she’s 19 and she’s living her life get over it hater.

      • Celia

        I didn’t put her down (even though the dress she wore was terribly unflattering). I’m just stating a fact. I’ve seen a good chunk of her movies and she plays the same moody teenager in all of them. She’s boring and has no range. I knew she was going to win the award because it was voted on by fans and we all know twi-hards are pretty intense. She’s not the worst actress in the world, but she’s know where near the best.

  • Nick B

    So happy for Colin Firth. In my opinion, he gave the best performance of the year by any male actor. His performances was perfect. I know he basically has no shot at the Oscar, so this was a nice surprise.

    • ks

      agree! he was amazing.

    • Michael

      I completely agree. Colin Firth’s performance in A Single Man was DEFINITELY the best of 2009. That movie was absolutely phenomenal on all accounts, and it should have also gotten more Oscar nominations for various production aspects, but it would not be what it was without him. I hope Tom Ford continues to make more movies!

      • Jenny

        I agree with you. I was blown away by what Ford did with that story. The way he told it with the camera angles and coloring was incredible. I was disappointed Ford and the whole film didn’t get more recognition. It was one of my favorites of the year.

      • Trent


  • Michael

    Some of these awards might go down the same way at the Academy Awards. I’ve been saying all along that Avatar will win only 2 awards: Art Direction and Visual Effects (the same 2 it got here). I’m interested to see what the Cinematogrphers and Sound guilds pick next weekend. If The Hurt Locker takes those awards, it might win 6 or 7 Oscars (depending on how the too-close-to-call original screenplay race goes). I’m excited that The Hurt Locker is getting the kudos it deserves, but with each passing weekend of awards, things are beginning to look more and more predictable.

    • Jordan

      The Hurt Locker is by far the most overrated movie of the year. The characters were pretty flat, and it could have been so much more effective. It doesn’t deserve half the credit it’s getting.

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    Finally saw AN EDUCATION this afternoon. Very good film and great performance by Carey. Congrats to her. Well-deserved win.

  • RubyBaby

    Pleased for Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth.

    Not so surprised to see that Kristen Stewart won the Rising Award given this award is voted for by the general public. Though I too would have liked to see Carey take this, as her career trajectory really symbolises what that award is about.

    And as for having no bearing on the, the voting body is not exactly the same but these awards can certainly indicate the current mood of the film industry towards nominated films. (And, besides, wouldn’t there be a few BAFTA members who may also have Academy membership so it’s worth taking note of the winners here?)

  • Margrete

    Really happy about Colin Firth’s win, but would have liked for In the Loop to win adapted screenplay. Oh, well.

  • RJ

    Thank goodness somebody realized Colin Firth’s brilliance in A Single Man! That film was just breathtaking and the relationship between Colin Firth and Matthew Goode was so real and poignant (a terrific shout out to Julianne Moore as well!). Yay Bafta’s for getting it right!

  • richard s.

    I have said it on here before, and I’ll say it again: Carey Mulligan is a strong contender for the Oscar. Watch out, Meryl and Sandra.

    INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS could be the big surprise in the Oscar race. It wasn’t nominated for Best Picture by BAFTA, but with a healthy eight Oscar nominations, it has strong support from numerous Academy branches, and stands a good chance to be the upset winner over HURT LOCKER and AVATAR on March 7th.

    • Michael

      Honestly, I think the race is over. When Shakespeare in Love and Crash pulled off their upsets, they were the films with the momentum. No other film has had the momentum of The Hurt Locker. It became “the little film that could prevail.” It hasn’t shown any cracks whatsoever. Entertainment reporters are going to make this race sound closer than it is so that people will watch (esp. given the presence of Avatar), but personally, I think the writing is on the wall for Oscar 2010.

      • nunnya

        I hope you are right. I finally saw Hurt Locker. I think it is a very powerful film.

    • Kris

      I’m rooting for Streep, but if not her then I would like to see Mulligan get it. Nothing against Bullock, but she does not deserve an Oscar for that performance. But for some reason the powers that be have decided to reward her for bringing in the bucks.

      • Nick B

        Bullock was in the feel-good movie of the year. She’s been “America’s Sweetheart” for however long now. This is very reminiscent of Julia Roberts winning for Erin Brockovich. People like Sandra Bullock. Watch her in an interview. She’s got a great personality and it’s very infectious. And a lot of people think this might be her only shot at an Oscar. It’s almost like they want to reward her for just being Sandra Bullock. Regardless of whether or not she deserves it, the Oscar is hers to lose at this point. But I’m with you. I’m still rooting for Meryl Streep to finally win her third Oscar.

      • Caroline

        I thought so as well at first, but her performance stayed with me as one that was multi-layered in a subtle way, and she made a very brusque and cold woman a little warmer and more likable. I won’t be shocked either way but I wouldn’t say she is undeserving.

    • shane

      You can say it as many times as you want Ricahrd S, but Carey Mulligan can stay home and watch in her pjs, she will not be winning and has zero chance of winning, and Quentin will get his Oscars for screenplay and guiding Chris Walz but nothing else.
      You can stop “saying it”, its over.

    • Celia

      I would LOVE to see Carey win the award. It’s tough competition since the Oscars tend to be a popularity contest, but I think she can do it. She’s very charming and very talented.

  • Hannah Lane

    Although BAFTA doesn’t always pick them, there have been some pretty big upsets in the lead acting categories over the past few years at the Oscars. Remember Adrien Brody for the Pianist? However, I think if anyone could benefit from an upset it would be George Clooney, as films that have numerous nominations are more likely to win. And I couldn’t be happier if Clooney pulled an upset! I am so over the Jeff Bridges acceptance speeches!

    • Michael

      Most people are saying that if there is an upset in the Actor race, it will be Jeremy Renner riding The Hurt Locker train the way that Juliette Binoche rode The English Patient train in her huge upset over Lauren Bacall. Personally, I loved George Clooney’s performance, but unfortunately, he’s in a film that has peaked.

  • ruta

    HUH>? I am still not getting all the love for “The Hurt Locker” which is a decent film but not a great one. Also, why do these Award presentations give the awards to the SAME movies every year? (Last year it was all about “Slumdog”). Is there a Big Brother machine behind the whole thing that somehow dictates what movie should win everywhere or be nominated? Someone tell me, so I am not crazy, that you also think “The Hurt Locker” is over-rated and is propelled by political machinery. I’m not gettin’ it…

    • erg

      I agree that there seems to be a lot of groupthink going on. It’s hard to believe that every award-voting body agrees on the best movies and performances of the year. There’s probably a lot of pressure to conform. I am hoping for a Basterds win at the Oscars!

    • gab

      you may be on to something.or mabye every critic and/or voter shares the exact same mind and or opinion.or perhaps not

    • James

      While I DO think The Hurt Locker is deserving, I honestly don’t believe that EVERYONE praising it or even everyone voting for it has seen it. So yeah, I think there is some groupthink going on. Let’s be honest. The film made $12 million. Just going on honest-to-God statistics, there is almost NO WAY that everyone saying how great it is and how deserving it is has actually seen it. I live in a fairly large metro area and even I had a hard time finding it in theaters last summer. And there were maybe five other people in my Friday night showing. So, yeah.

      • Danny

        Most people are probably seeing THL on dvd. That’s how I caught up on it. A good film and deserving of noms and maybe even win, but it isn’t my favorite of the ten nominated – more in the middle of the pack. So yes, I think it is benefiting a bit of the bandwagon syndrome.

      • Marie

        the Hurt Locker wasn’t released as wide as other films were. so remember that before you talk about honest-to-God statistics. in fact, you’ve even contradicted yourself by saying that it didn’t make a lot of money, but yet you couldn’t find it in your area.
        i’ve seen it, and it WAS a great film.

      • James

        in fact, you’ve even contradicted yourself by saying that it didn’t make a lot of money, but yet you couldn’t find it in your area.
        What the hell does this even mean?
        How did I contradict myself? Do you think I don’t realize that its limited release had something to do with its astonishingly low gross? Of course it did. I blame Summit’s total incompetence for mishandling it (they can sell garbage like Twilight but not something like The Hurt Locker, go figure). Fact remains though that if **demand had been there** it could have been expanded. For whatever reason — poor marketing, little interest, whatever — it wasn’t.
        I thought it was a great film and it deserves its awards. But I do honestly think that a LOT of, if not most, people talking about it on here probably haven’t seen it.

    • @ruta

      You are absolutely right.The oscars are becoming predictable nowadays because people know whose gonna win unless an upset in the actress catergory.I believe when you change something you have to be remebered in some way(Avatar). but tha’s my opinion.

  • Kelsey

    Good choices all around, except for Kristen Stewart, which I don’t really blame BAFTA for, seeing that that award is a popularity contest, voted on by the public.
    Good for Firth and Mulligan. I don’t think this really has much bearing on the Oscars, though. The home-town crowd prevailed. Most other wins lined up to what I expected, so good show.

    • Michael

      With the exception of a few awards due to home town advantage, this looks very close to how things might go on Oscar night.

    • angel5

      if you dont like kristen winning go kill yourself she deserves it. i wonder if she wins nextyear or two not by voting what your stupid excuse will be

      • Katie

        Wow, how old are you, 12? What a sick thing to say to someone. I didn’t realize this was a Kristen Stewart circle jerk.
        And I agree, Mulligan deserved to win more than Kristen, and it IS just a popularity contest. And I don’t see her winning an *actual* BAFTA for a long time, if ever.

      • Kelsey

        Wow, so because I don’t get the big deal over an actress who looks stoned out of her mind 90% of the time and seems to have the range of a coffee table, I should commit suicide? Okay…
        People like you are why so many people hate Twilight. You give the sane fans a bad image.

      • Celia

        I agree with Kelsey and Katie. The only reason Kristen was nominated in the first place was so the Baftas could get hire ratings. She has no talent or range. She’s boring and looks like a druggie. The only reason she won is because all the little 12 year old twilight fans voted for her over and over and over again.
        Every other person in that category deserved to win over Kristen Stewart. I’m embarrassed for her.

      • angel5

        oh wait you have the right to bash and defend what you think is right and i dont. pls when anyone defends kristen that person is twelve years old or the reason you hate twilight how considrate. but when you do is what, okay plsss, like i said before she is very much deserving of the award. if you hate it go open a fan club and vote for your own winner. as for kristen the whole of brits has spoken for her, she is loved nothing you can do about i said before go hang yourself or something

      • Lynn

        Um, there’s a difference between defending someone you like and telling someone else who disagrees with you to “go kill” themselves and “hang” themselves. What a sick person you are.
        And why is she deserving of the award, exactly? For complaining about your right to defend something, you’ve done a piss poor job of it.

      • Hannah

        angel5, you’re not probably 12 years old because you’re a Stewart fan. You’re likely 12 years old because you lack a grasp of basic English, tell other people they should commit suicide (gee, THAT’S going to make people sympathetic to you) and are unable to defend your position other than saying that Stewart “deserves it.”
        Now I’m sure it’s past your bedtime.

      • Nick B

        Angel5, no one’s implying you’re 12 years old because you like Kristen Stewart. You’re 12 because your comments lack maturity, common decency, and common sense. Also, you need to strengthen your terrible grammar skills. Yet another sign of your immaturity.
        Now run along, child. The grown-ups are talking.

    • CC

      BAFTA nominated her before the public got to vote, so they obviously thought she was deserving based on her resume and respect inside the industry – not because of Twilight.

      • Hannah

        Yes, and I’m sure that the public who voted for her did so because of “her resume and respect inside the industry – not because of Twilight.”
        Wouldn’t surprise me if her inclusion in the first place was a popularity bid. As others on here have said, she doesn’t really fit the up and coming mold. She’s already, uh, come.

      • Celia

        Don’t kid yourself. She was nominated to boost their ratings.

      • CC

        Considering directors who work with her keep saying she’ll be winning an Oscar soon enough, I highly doubt that. The BAFTAs are so much better than that. She’s the youngest person to be nominated for that award, the youngest to win, and the first American woman (and only the second American ever). I’m pretty sure the BAFTAs don’t care about ratings so much that they would risk their credibility on award nominees. I would argue that Nicholas Hoult doesn’t fit the “up and coming” mold more than Kristen.

      • @CC

        What directors? I want a link to that quote. I won’t believe it unless I see it. And it better not be one from twilight.

      • laney

        No one who has seen her other movies can say she has range or talent. Mommy and daddy are Hwood players.

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Here's your first look at the second issue of DC's 'Batman: Arkham Knight' prequel comic

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We’re learning a little bit more about Batman: Arkham Knight as of late—this week alone saw a new trailer drop, along with the news that it will be the first game in the series to get a Mature rating. That’s not all, though—this week marked the start of DC’s digital comic prequel to the game, which is also called Batman: Arkham Knight

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Beyoncé, Cindy Crawford, Lena Dunham: Why can't we stop looking at unretouched photos?

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Tell the truth: Do you click on unretouched photos of celebrities?

If so, you’ve been busy the past few weeks. More than 200 shots from a 2013 L’Oréal cosmetics campaign leaked on Feb. 18, showing Beyoncé with caked-on makeup and uneven skin, looking pretty—if not quite as flawless as the retouched version suggested. Just days before that, images surfaced from a 2013 Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America shoot, revealing Cindy Crawford posing in a bikini, her toned stomach lined with stretch marks.

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Video game version of Slender Man myth is coming to Xbox One and PS4

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Maybe you’ve heard of Slender Man. He’s one of the most ubiquitous of the many strange urban legends of the Internet that are known as Creepypasta, and has gained particular notoriety after two 12-year-old girls allegedly murdered a friend of theirs under his instructions. He’s also the subject of a few horror games, like Slender: The Arrival—which bills itself as the official video game adaptation of the Internet horror story. 

On Thursday, Slender developer Blue Isle Studios announced that they’re bringing the game to Xbox One and Playstation 4, with new story elements and extended levels—which, in light of recent events, will probably be buckets of fun.

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Watch Chris Farley pitch Wisconsin as Matt Foley in this 1993 throwback video

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In the early ’90s, the University of Wisconsin Badgers tapped a new football recruiter: Matt Foley. This week, the team’s Facebook page released a 1993 video of Chris Farley in character as his most famous SNL creation, saying young players should pick UW unless they want to end up “living in a van down by the river.” 

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Ice-T's version of Dora the Explorer swears a lot on The Tonight Show

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Ice-T can really do it all. The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star appeared on Wednesday night’s The Tonight Show to showcase one of his more hidden talents—doing amazing voice-over impressions.

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Behold: Plywood sculptures of Daft Punk without their helmets

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The two men collectively known as Daft Punk famously wear helmets to hide their faces, but a new art exhibit offers a peek at what’s underneath those helmets. Well, kind of.

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The original Green Ranger didn't love that Power/Rangers short film

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Whether fans enjoyed Power/Rangers, the short film that put an adult spin on the classic franchise, one of the original Rangers was not pleased with the project.

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Jon Stewart mocks Fox News outrage over American Sniper 'snub'

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Jon Stewart joked on Wednesday night that 16 years of hate-watching Fox News had aged him dramatically, making him look much older than his 52 years. But he’s still got his fastball when Fox says something to raise his ire. In their most recent dust-up, some of Fox’s news personalties dismissed his contributions to the public discourse during his tenure with The Daily Show and accused him of “dishonest editing” having “no foothold in the facts.”

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Madonna falls during Brit Awards performance

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Falling: It happens to the best of us—Madonna included.

The Rebel Heart singer took a tumble down some stairs during her performance of “Living for Love” at Wednesday’s Brit Awards, but managed to get up (and pick her huge cape off the floor) before continuing to sing. See, Jennifer Lawrence? You’re not the only one who trips during high-pressure moments.

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Join Empire star Jussie Smollett tonight on EW's Instagram

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Jamal Lyon may not get much attention from his father and Empire Records head Lucious on Empire, but he’ll be getting plenty of attention tonight when he takes over EW’s Instagram.

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