Oscar host? How about someone new?

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Last year, we learned on Nov. 3 that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were going to host the Oscars together. Right now we don’t know who’ll spearhead the next telecast, even though it takes place a week earlier than this year’s did. Mike Fleming at Deadline.com reported over the weekend that Hugh Jackman, who hosted in 2009, was asked to do so again but turned it down. I’d imagine telecast producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer are considering some other old standbys — Billy Crystal, maybe, or Whoopi Goldberg — for the gig. But wouldn’t it be cool if they went with someone who’s never hosted the Oscars before? We all admire Neil Patrick Harris’ MC skills; why not let him tackle the biggest show there is? I’ll never forget Oprah Winfrey’s moving speech at the telecast a few years back; wouldn’t she be fantastic as host? And of course Ricky Gervais brings down the house whenever he does an awards-show bit.

Which Oscar newbie would you most like to see host next year’s show? Or do you think someone tried and true should take it on? Cast your vote below.

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  • mike b.


    • Miss Talk

      Thank you!!!!
      Jim would be awesome. Since he has never (the ever ever) been nominated, that would be ironic, sarcastic and definitely entertaining.

      • Seddie FORever!!!!!!!!!

        jerry trainor is the new jim carrey – but better

    • Larry David

      I vote for me. I’m funny, outrageous, and controversial. This is what the award show is missing. Someone to tell it how it is. I’m the type of guy who sees the glass half-empty not half-full. I wanna be there to tell Hollywood and the rest of the world to wake up and see whats REALLY happening around them. I’ll the stars that they should work for OUR admiration and now the other way round. I’ll tell Tyler Perry to pack his bag and leave to Africa. I’ll tell Nolan that he is no Kubrick. I’ll tell Fincher that no one wants to see a movie about Facebook that has Justin Timberlake in it. I’ll tell them that Hollywood needs to diversify and not only have Jews in it. I’ll tell them to give Mel Gibson another chance because life is too short and everyone deserves a second chance. I’ll tell them that the best picture winners don’t only have to be small indie films but can be big budget films as well. I’ll tell them that people who act handicapped and disabled shouldn’t win Oscars. I’ll tell them that we shouldn’t give Oscars to Gays and lesbians because of that but rather on the quality of the work. I’ll tell them to get off the stage if they win and start to thank God because that is played out and boring. I’ll tell them what they NEED to hear.
      Vote for Larry David.

      • kate

        i vote we turn larry david and a loaded revolver, over to all the people he just loves dicriminating against.

      • mia

        i agree he needs to be shot or at the very least kicked of ew so he can stop poluting all the comments sections with his stupid hateful comments

      • Bella

        you really need to get a job, and or find something better to do wwith your time.

  • Michael

    DEFINITELY Tina Fey! I think she’d be great! Or maybe a duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together!

    • Marshall Eriksen


    • Meg

      With Seth Meyers popping in for a “Really” segment every time someone obscure/not the expected winner wins.

    • Kim

      ew no, tina fey sucks

      • Jennie

        THANK YOU!!!! While I wouldn’t say “sucks”, I thought I was the only person who’s had enough already!!

      • enoughistoomuch

        ditto! overexposed…

    • Snsetblaze

      I like Tina Fey but with Alec Baldwin.

      Also, what about Steve Carrell since he’s actually a movie star (unlike some of those on EWs suggestion list).

    • Gazza

      my head just exploded

  • MCS

    It’s a hard job, I wouldnt want to be responsible for choosing them. The ones that do good are great, but when they suck the whole show just nosedives. there is only polar extremes, no middle ground. Making celebrities uncomfortable is only entertaining for so long.

  • mscisluv

    Justin Timberlake would actually be an excellent choice. He did a fantastic job hosting the ESPYs, was in a major film this year (The Social Network), and is well liked in the industry.

    • tvgirl48

      I agree, actually. You need someone up there who is well liked and able to be funny without being super edgy and offensive, since the Oscar humor gets so watered down.

  • yvan


    • Cody

      She already hosted, the year The Departed won Best Picture

  • jasmine

    NPH would make a good host but i want someone totally brand new who hasn’t hosted any other award show……… hmmmm

  • Summer

    I’d like to see Tina Fey and Neil Patrick Harris host together.

    • Mona

      THIS, a million times this.

    • chris c

      I agree!

  • Tina

    They should let NPH host, just to make up for making him sing an awkward duet ON HIS OWN at this year’s show.

    • Erin

      NPH doesn’t deserve to host. The Emmys were fine but he doesnt’t have any decent movies under his belt. Also his schtick gets old.

      If we cant have Hugh I vote for Ricky who is infinitely more funny and charismatic.

      • PJM

        They’ve had Letterman host the Oscars, so film resume really doesn’t apply in this case. Tina Fey would be great for the comedy, and NPH would be great for doing song and dance. Anything to keep Whoopi Goldberg away from hosting.

  • Ali

    NPH or best yet Joel McHale.

    • TV/Movie Fan

      I agree with the nomination of Neil Patrick Harris and/or Joel McHale.

    • Jamie

      When I saw this article the first name that popped into my head was Joel McHale so I definately agree with that suggestion

  • darwin

    can we retire Betty White already? it’s not cute anymore.. besides, she is close to extinction.. I doubt she will be able to handle a 3 and a half hour long, live telecast

  • Ibad

    I’m thinking Tina Fey and Neil Patrick Harris would play off each other brilliantly as co-hosts.

  • mandy

    NPH without a doubt. Tina Fey or Justin Timberlake would be my other choice.

  • Mindy

    I’d add Will Smith to the list of potential list. He could be kind of fun, maybe?
    Betty White already turned it down, saying it was too physical. Meryl Streep might be nice.
    Of your list, I’d go with Conan or Ricky Gervais.

    • MCS

      Meryl Streep would be too busy collecting all her awards.

  • Matthew

    Ricky Gervais was terrible at the Globes! I’m down for Martin & Baldwin again!

  • Dave

    Jimmy Fallon (who did a fantastic job hosting the Emmys) and Tina Fey! The two of them are great together.

    • yunuem

      i was just thinking about jimmy fallon, he did great at the emmys

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